Letters to the Editor

Ross letter: Why we divide

Dawn, Oct. 2, 7:45 a.m., I approach Kristin Armstrong municipal park, lights flashing. A seemingly biblical event when two motorists stop to allow me to walk my bike across between them in the designated crosswalk. Seconds later down the Greenbelt a male(?) voice from the neighborhood access trail on north side of park, “Turn off your light.” My appreciation for all the apparent courtesy is short-lived. A female(?) voice adds, “Your light is annoying.” Perhaps only in America does freedom manifest as accountability, legal compliance, courtesy and freedom of expression in such contemporaneous fashion. Reminds me of a Fourth of July night, my dog was on leash while I pedaled through an array of patriotic celebration sights and sounds. I dismounted and announced my approach toward a site of aerial fireworks launches. Male voice replied, “You picked a bad night to walk your dog.” Foolishly, I responded, “I don’t think those are legal fireworks.” A female voice replied, “Well, it’s not legal to ride without lights at night.” She was correct, and I hope the child in their presence learned a valuable lesson. I did.

Steven Ross, Boise