Letters to the Editor

Weingartner letter: Idaho Power

I am very worried about the power and political influence that Idaho Power has — it is for all intents and purposes a monopoly. It is a corporation whose first responsibility is to its shareholders and not to the residents of Idaho. Idaho Power is planning to build a mega transmission line from Oregon to Idaho. This will be a 300-mile clear cut through forests, farms and private property. It is estimated that the shareholders will benefit $81 million and the cost to us customers will be over $1 billion.

Instead of encouraging more solar or more modern efficient modes of delivery, they are looking backwards. Why? Because utilities make more money building new facilities than from selling us power. Solar and wind are not as profitable for Idaho Power as are building new transmission lines.

In this day of rapidly advancing technology, Idaho should be on the forefront of using the latest and cleanest most efficient energy sources and transmission of those sources available instead of building a mega 300-mile transmission line that rate payers will pay for so that investors will profit.

I hope our state representatives will look into this. I also wonder how much Idaho Power “pays” them.

Jean Weingartner, Boise