Letters to the Editor

Martin letter: Campaign finance reform

The Statesman published a letter from Mr. Isbelle from Lewiston attacking me. Mr. Isbelle and I did talk on the phone. He wanted my advice about calling for an Article V Constitution Convention to require the citizens of the United States to pay for all political campaigns. During our conversion, Mr. Isbelle got very upset when I told him how hard it would be to do what he wanted. He later emailed me to apologize. He wrote in an email to: “Thank you (Senator Martin) .” “I apologize for losing my cool.” “Not what I intended.” “Thank you for your time.” “You were very kind.”

In Idaho we have limits on political contributions, we also have requirements on reporting contributions and expenditures.

We have a joint legislative interim committee working on campaign finance reform. They are charged to look at “accounting for and reporting campaign finances, contribution limits, lobbyist activities, ‘revolving door’ policies, and personal financial disclosure by candidates.” I support that committee and have confidence they will propose legislation to improve elections in Idaho.

I again wish Mr. Isbelle well and “good luck,” you will need it.

Senator Fred S. Martin, Boise