Letters to the Editor

Boozel letter: Rep. Labrador

Congressman Labrador has recently stated that he is proud to promote a “culture of life.” Interesting. In my profession, we promote a culture of safety. In this pursuit, we leave no stones unturned. No subject is considered offensive, untouchable or sacred. No outside money is ever allowed to cause a safety solution to be discarded or a problem ignored.

Yet, in scoring the GOP’s “culture of life,” it seems there are a few gaps. Mass execution and murder in the public square have become normal behavior to be shrugged off with condolences. Health programs for children are discarded. Public education is defunded, marginalized and eroded. The environment is poisoned. Nothing is done in the way of education or prevention to lower the number of painful decisions that young women must make. In fact, the policies of pretend and ignore increase the amount of unborn put in a position of jeopardy. Increasing the tax burden on the middle class and taking government control over the bodies of others isn’t life or liberty for the vast majority.

I’m terribly sorry, but a culture of birth and abandonment to murder, disease, ignorance, poverty and hunger is hardly a “culture of life.”

Richard Boozel, Star