Letters to the Editor

Sheils letter: F-35 noise

We are third-generation Boiseans and we love our city. My baby brother and I used to ride our bikes over to the governor’s mansion on 21st Street in the 1950s and wave to Gov. Robert Smylie. We now live on the second bench and are opposed to the F-35s coming to Boise. Idaho should welcome the F-35s where they belong, at Mountain Home Air Force Base, not in the state’s largest, by far, metropolitan area. Having vacationed in the Phoenix area for the past numerous years, we have experienced life under the screaming noise of F-35s flying out of Luke AFB, which is about 20 miles from downtown Phoenix. When those birds fly by, your house windows shake, you can’t hear your wife (arguably a good thing) and outdoor enjoyment is significantly impaired. Don’t take my word for it; instead, have a couple of F-35s do a flyover of the Statehouse and City Hall. That would, in my humble opinion, end the favorable flapping of the F-35s coming to our fair city.

Joni and Max Sheils, Boise