Letters to the Editor

Worbois letter: Stadium

Unfortunately there is no way I could attend an event at the new ball stadium.

We have 100 degree afternoons in the summer and our sun does not set until 10 o’clock. Anyone who has sat on the first base line at Hawks’ Stadium knows how miserable sitting in our summer sun can be, and that’s when it’s shinning on only one side of us.

Yet the new stadium has every bleacher seat looking directly into our late-summer sun. As are the batter, catcher and umpire — a dangerous situation in baseball.

May I suggest the design include some very tall, well-placed steel posts with rigging to pull up sunscreens? By screening the bleachers the entire field would be in shade.

I’m thinking of the fine-mesh plastic screens popular on restaurant patios. They are effective, lightweight and easily stored when not needed and in windy conditions. They can be partly raised during changing seasons. They could even be Hawks colors or Boise State blue.

My eyes, comfort level and Scandinavian skin would then be able to enjoy a beautiful addition to our city. I’m sure they will also make the field a favorite for playing all sports.

Dean Worbois, Boise