Letters to the Editor

Wood letter: Vegas shooting

Political courage needed to make this nation safe from guns.

One great step in providing safety in America is to eliminate possession of automatic and semi-automatic multiround weapons. I urge our congressional representatives (Senators Crapo and Risch, Congressmen Simpson and Labrador) to courageously put forth legislation to ban, confiscate and eliminate the proliferation of these weapons at cost to the federal government. Idaho sportsmen/women need only two shots for bird and big game hunting, target shooting and self-defense. Those of us who served in the military know the lethal power of these weapons and do not want modern military weapons in the hands of an unpredictable public. It is the appropriate role for lawmakers and law enforcement to have the power to round up these weapons, and for us personally to inform the law enforcement if we have knowledge of possession of such weapons. This nation has thrived on the rule of law. We need the law. I worry for the safety of our children — this horrific escalation must be stopped.

Spencer H. Wood, Boise