Letters to the Editor

McCoy letter: Donald Trump

I am still amazed that Trump’s base can’t see that he is the wrong man for the job. Since day one he has been concerned about crowd size, voter fraud and everything else except running the country. Why should a president be concerned about what the NFL is doing when there is a crisis going on that needs his attention? Trump is not interested in making America great but making himself richer and more powerful. We are going down a dangerous road and need to change the course. I have voted both Republican and Democrat over the years, but always considered the character of the candidate. All those that think he is great need to consider that he had exemptions during the Vietnam War that really were not valid. All us who went there and served didn’t want to die or be maimed. We believed in what we were doing, at least in the beginning. I had many conversations with fellow grunts who all said that we didn’t agree with the demonstrations but supported their right to protest. Trump had a decision to make and chose the way of a coward, not an honorable man.

Rex McCoy, Boise