Letters to the Editor

Lodal letter: Health care

After much reading and listening, I think I can see what is missing in the health care debate. Empathy and compassion. It appears what Republicans value most is keeping a campaign promise in repealing Obamacare. I understand this; we all want to be credible. But dig deeper and the basis of their proposals clearly places government’s role in health care as a higher priority than the well-being of American citizens. I believe that is a fatally flawed approach.

Health care is as personal as it gets. We all want a system that’s available to us when we need it. There are numerous systems around the globe that could be studied and benchmarked for effectiveness and costs. And I think that both Democrats and Republicans must now admit that this is only going to get resolved in an atmosphere of bipartisan problem solving and collaboration.

I think if Congress can start from a position of empathy and compassion and work to assemble a system that truly serves the needs of American citizens, we might have a chance of legislating effective health care reform. But anger and partisan sound bites need to be shelved while problem solving and cooperation are embraced instead.

John Lodal, Boise