Letters to the Editor

Fisher letter: Vegas shooting

A tapestry of pure and consummated evil drew itself over Las Vegas, closing to an end the day’s otherwise normal celebratory music event to an utter moment of horror, despair and complete dismay. Dozens of precious lives were lost in a senseless, causeless and cowardly shooting by one devoid for human life.

What do we do now? How do we start to remotely begin the reconstruction of the many broken hearts and crushed spirits? Love. A moral platitude it is not. Love is the only thing we have left. 1 Corinthians 13 is the great chapter of love. Let us display this love abundantly in our daily lives. Let us extend to the victims of those lost our open hearts, an embrace of hope, and an ear to listen to.

Tragedies such as this can either cast a shadow of bitterness and a desire for reparation for the one who carried out such an atrocity or gleam bright the light of love and healing. May those around us better see with clarity that in the end, love will win and evil will be conquered.

In loving memory of those lost in Las Vegas.

Sasha Fisher, Coeur d’Alene