Letters to the Editor

Corbin letter: Vegas shooting

As we mourn the events in Las Vegas, I wonder about politicians or their spokespersons who question whether this is the time to discuss gun violence remedies in the wake of such shootings. I see it as a “delay, distract and forget” strategy which our political leaders use all too often to avoid real, effective and perhaps uncomfortable solutions. One must merely look at previous domestic mass shootings to see this at play.

As a retired law enforcement officer and firearms instructor with several decades of experience, I don’t see peer-reviewed study and transparent bipartisan discussion of solutions to gun violence issues as anything to fear. Rather, I believe it is what our politicians should do if we really want to come to consensus on solutions. We can continue to delay, distract and forget and play to our base, or alternatively we can study, propose, discuss and agree to potential effective solutions, whatever they may be. This great country should be able to offer more than thoughts and prayers to the victims of these tragic episodes.

Ray Corbin, Marsing