Letters to the Editor

Wax letter: Bicyclists

I feel I need to reply to Jim Smith’s inaccurate letter about bicyclists. He mentioned an article in the Statesman. But he missed the article pointing out that there are good reasons for different laws for bicycles and automobiles. For example: They help everyone by decreasing the time it takes to get bicycles through some intersections. I do follow the yield laws. I am not entitled when I go straight through an intersection on a green light and am hit by a car turning right on red. Nor do I feel I am entitled when, as a pedestrian in a crosswalk with a walk signal, I have to jump out of the way of a car turning right on red. Yes, Jim, we all have to share the road and look where we are going.

And please don’t bring up the tired and inaccurate argument that bicyclists (or pedestrians) don’t pay. Go to www.achd.org. Property taxes are the largest source of funds in their budget.

Joseph Wax, Meridian