Letters to the Editor

Bermensolo letter: F-35 mission questions

F-35 mission — more questions than answers. I was invited and attempted to take part in a live telecom Sept. 28 from 6-7 p.m. In fact, other concerned citizens made the same attempt but their questions were not aired as well. For that reason, I am including my questions in hopes that that they will be answered.

1) With all the verifiable, current noise-related data from other areas that have the F-35, why would our local and state officials embrace the F-35 mission before even hearing this aircraft take off from our city airport?

2) Why risk a currently healthy Boise economy and quality of life for a mission that brings considerable concern for harmful noise levels and greater pollution?

3) Was the Orchard training facility, 14 miles outside Boise limits, with runway expansion, ever considered a viable alternative?

4) Why assume Reservists would not travel the extra distance to be part of a “ cutting edge” mission?

5) Is it possible that Gowen Field would hold onto the A-10 longer without the F-35?

6) Has the Environmental Impact Study been completed?

Betty Bermensolo, USNR, Boise