Letters to the Editor

Landers letter: Homeless and veterans

How sad that I heard this woman complaining about the homeless and telling her mother that they are all drug addicts and alcoholics. I told her quit being so judgmental because how sad there are vets who are homeless. What bothers me is that people discriminate and harass the homeless and make fun of the children in poverty who are hungry and starving, yet there are restaurants that throw away food when it could go to the shelters to help those who are hungry. I’m tired of the people who are critical of vets who have PTSD because they have no idea what these vets have been through, nor do some people seem to care. Poverty, homelessness, suicide, hunger, PTSD should not be because it all ties into mental health and maybe if we funded so the help was there, then maybe life would be different for those who struggle. I have had the drug and alcohol problem and spent a lot of time in P2 at the Veterans hospital and I know a lot will judge me because I also have been homeless looking for a place to stay, so I’ve been there.

John Landers, Wilder