Letters to the Editor

Szplett letter: Kuna leaders

Kuna’s dear leaders have too many issues and need to be replaced.

The small things are embarrassing. They spend tax dollars for installing benches downtown but miss the two high-volume locations and twice installed new benches only a few feet from an existing bench. It took 10 months to figure out how to repair a small vault collapse on Swan Falls Road.

Other issues are more devastating. Kuna spends millions making the downtown look cute but we still can’t walk to the library, to a food store or anywhere on Swan Falls Road. The kids wait in the dark and the mud because we lack sidewalks and street lights.

The main issue is their budget woes. They buy a new city hall without voter approval because they had so much of a surplus in the budget. Good leaders would know how to budget within a million dollars.

Dave Szplett, Kuna