Letters to the Editor

Anderson letter: Bicyclists

Regarding Jim Smith’s letter claiming cyclists are freeloaders. As a 56-year-old cyclist, I am compelled to respond. He could not be more wrong. Cyclists are not freeloaders. Cyclists pay the same fees that motorists do to support roadways. Local roads are paid primarily by property tax and sales tax. Look it up. Gas fees, which have long outstripped the costs of highways, we pay each time we gas up, just like everyone. Given that bikes generate way less damage than cars, cyclists subsidize them. We also follow the laws that motor vehicles follow and are subject to the same fines. It’s disturbing that he doesn’t have the humanity to give cyclists space to avoid accidents potentially lethal to them, but not the car driver. As roads clog with ever more vehicle traffic and pollution, it is a benefit to all that each cyclist reduces a car trip. Since walking and cycling predate driving, the entire world accommodates both these nonmotorized forms of transportation. This misinformed driver is the only one I see whining. If he doesn’t like sitting in traffic, maybe he should trying cycling. It’s good for your body and it makes your mind sharp. Try it.

Mark F. Anderson, Boise