Letters to the Editor

Wright letter: Fake Republicans

Should anyone be surprised we have another fake Republican in the governor’s primary race? Absolutely not. It’s becoming rational at this point to expect nothing but fake future candidates in both parties. I’m sure that we will have one significant outcome, though. The fake Republican in this primary will bring out the endorsement of all the fake Repubs across the state who long to shift the GOP ever-leftward. Being able to identify them is a good tool for the future.

Any semblance of the old order has been evidently crumbling for years. Yet, the status quo is maintained because we can’t possibly allow an actual Idaho GOP emerge that acts Republican in word and action. We have a small number of true liberty Republicans in the Statehouse and Senate now. Maybe someday might get a real Republican governor, too. Any improvement over Little/Otter would be nice.

For the time being we seem to be stuck with the Three Mouseketeers: a fake Republican, a poser and a semi-confused possibility. Oh, well.

Jeff Wright, Lowman