Letters to the Editor

Smith-St. Clair letter: Logging

I was so happy to read the article in the Sept. 23 paper on agreements going forward for logging and restoration projects of federal Land. It’s about time we go back to civilized practices. I was employed by the USFS for 22 years in administration. In the ’70s and ’80s we had extensive forest management crews for thinning, marking, silviculture and logging the “bad trees.” Consequently, we didn’t have the fires we have today. Along comes Bill Clinton and stopped the logging and look at our forests now, what’s left of them. We have burned out mountainsides, red-beetle diseased trees. I hope the environmentalists are happy now. Logging is good for our forests just like weeding your garden. I know there are a lot of anti-Trumpers out there but it’s time we have a leader because our country is going to hell in a handbasket. This step by our new secretary of agriculture is a great beginning. Imagine the loggers who read the article, it will not only bring jobs, but it will bring funds to our schools and roads like it used to. And most of all beautiful forests again.

Rosemary Smith-St. Clair, Challis