Letters to the Editor

Marsh letter: God

Gary Bennett’s letter (Sept. 24) on national disasters exhibited a lack of Old Testament knowledge when he reported God to be weak. And, as for Western Civilization being founded on Greek gods, he is mistaken.

There is one reason that God has blessed America. He should read Newt Gingrich’s book “Rediscovering God in America.” Read what is on the monuments in Washington D.C., and to whom credit is given.

Only a loving God can bring good out of national disasters as he works in the hearts of people to help others in need. He should also read the book of Job and see who caused those disasters. Gary should know that we live in a fallen world.

I don’t know much about Mount Olympus, but I do know the Sermon on the Mount Matt. 5:1-12. Perhaps should disaster come Gary’s way, and he is praying for help, I’d almost bet it’s not Poseidon to whom he prays.

As for conservatives having “blind faith,” I can’t explain to one who refuses to see and know that faith is the assurance of things you hope for, assurance is not blind.

Phyllis Marsh, Meridian