Letters to the Editor

Voccola letter: Donald Trump

How can we seriously be listening to this president talk of nuclear war under any circumstance? Congress needs to take back its war powers now. Mr. Trump is our worst nightmare. A selfish, narcissistic sociopath. This is not name calling, this is a fact. There is no longer any doubt Mr. Trump is thoughtless, reckless and irresponsible to the detriment of this country and the world. He continues to sew mistrust and awaken the darkness in us and not the light. Congress, please, neuter this knucklehead before he provokes Rocket Man, out of fear, to simply sail his nukes right into our major coastal cities. Our children cannot afford partisan politics, you need to stand up and be a patriot. Do not be blinded by the distractions Mr. Trump creates on a daily basis. He really can’t help himself, so don’t be shocked, take back your rightful power. The simple bedrock truth is that Mr. Trump is a liar, a bigot and he is, by his words and actions, creating separation and mistrust in this country and around the world. Please. Do the right thing. Take back the right to declare war now.

Tom Voccola, Boise