Letters to the Editor

Regalia letter: Transportation

Here’s my offer: I’ll support the mayor’s downtown stadium in spite of misgivings, if he gives up the quixotic quest for a 19th century solution to a 21st century problem. Connector: good idea. Railway: not so much. Our problem with public transport is not the coolness factor of the conveyance. We have not yet reached the density required to create demand sufficient to require enough trips at enough times of day and night to make the project feasible. When we do, we’ll need flexibility that steel rails embedded in asphalt/concrete preclude.

Misgiving: In 20 years the stadium becomes the property of the city. Such a deal. Free, aging infrastructure. Visit Qualcomm Stadium, Oct. 14 (Go Broncos!). Leave the skybox and visit the bowels of the building where the regular folk sit and enjoy the amenities. (Wear high boots, Keens not Ariats.) Drive home (15 or 5) and see what happens if we continue to allow Dry Creek-type development. Tour San Francisco via Muni (not the tourist cable cars). Again, Keens, and a change of clothes.

On your retirement, Mr. Mayor, not soon I hope, I promise to contribute generously to a retirement gift of a Backyard Model Railroad.

Sara Regalia, Boise