Letters to the Editor

Crow letter: Free speech

Based on what is happening now at colleges and universities across this country, including BSU and particularly Reed College, it is clear that something has shifted in American culture. When I was growing up, the story was that liberals were “open minded” and wanted free discussion of ideas without censorship. That is clearly no longer the case. It is now the liberals on college campuses that want to close down debate and censor speakers and professors whose views they dislike (and even get them fired). Don’t get me wrong — there are truly abhorrent ideas, but should we be afraid of them, or should we debate them and reveal their flaws? Don’t the liberals realize that it is this very behavior that makes President Trump supporters say, “See, we were right?” The behavior of the left isn’t helping their case, which is too bad, because they do have ideas that are worthy of being heard.

John Crow, Boise