Letters to the Editor

Buckholder letter: Plant-based diet

“Want a better health care system? Check out Japan,” suggests Noah Smith in his opinion piece published Sept. 22 in the Statesman.

Want a better health? Change to a plant-based diet, say M.D.’s Michael Klaper, John McDougall and Michael Greger. With better health come reduced health care costs.

Smith touches upon diet but he does not elaborate. A diet of unrefined plant foods can reverse heart disease, type-2 diabetes and other common, chronic diseases. The more beans, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds we eat, the better our health. The more we eat the Standard American Diet rich in meat, dairy, eggs, oils, refined sugars and refined flour, the worse our health.

Americans are sick because of what they put in their mouths.

All discussions of our health care system and its costs should begin with an in-depth discussion of what to eat and what to avoid eating.

Reed Buckholder, Boise