Letters to the Editor

Blickenstaff letter: DACA

My congrats to John Scripps for his excellent opinion piece (Pro) in the Sept. 23 Statesman, concerning DACA. Why do so many people miss the point that it was Obama’s way and policy to simply ignore the laws he and his backers did not like and implement policies that did not have congressional support? Now we want to blame President Trump for trying to follow the Constitution and asking Congress to change the law. Thankfully, we have a president now who wants to create a legal decision to follow. It makes sense and we should be proud of a leader who wants to help those who are growing up here wondering what will happen next. He is not turning his back on these children. He wants to make it clear what they can expect in the future. They would be better protected with an act of Congress to fall back on for protection. I am happy to see someone can look at this problem and clearly define it for us. Thank you, Mr. Scripps.

Kathryn Blickenstaff, Boise