Letters to the Editor

LuMaye letter: Star recall

Just read Mike Crance’s letter to the editor of the Statesman about the recall in Star and Gary Smith. The author tries to educate everyone about how this recall is about legitimate concerns of a group calling themselves the “Concerned Citizen of Star.” I would tell the author the real “concerned citizens of Star” are the ones fighting the recall. We have seen what Mr. Smith’s fake conspiracies and fake causes have done to our community before. Crance states “it is known that Gary Smith has professional differences with some in the Star administration.” That tends to happen when you conspire to blackmail a fellow councilman and undermine and demonize two mayors. Crance also states in his letter that “administration officials may not have followed proper practices/ protocols.” It seems to me we will only know that once the judicial review is complete in December. The recall election is in November. What Crance and the other recall promoters are doing amounts to nothing less than an attempt to politically lynch the mayor and councilman without waiting for due process.

If you reside in Star and care anything at all about the future of the city, please vote no on the recall.

Raymond LuMaye, Star