Letters to the Editor

Reiman letter: Sequoia tree

I have a feeling that St. Luke’s chose to spend $300K to move the iconic sequoia as a feel-good story to quell the angry feelings of the many people upset with their hospital expansion; cutting it down would have irked people even more. Tree experts, such as the Environmental Design group from Texas, should know the time to move a tree is in very early spring or fall, when trees naturally are in a state of dormancy, not during the hottest week of June. Soon after the “roots were cut” in October to begin the tree-moving process, I noticed the tree starting to turn brown and die. I called St Luke’s to ask if they were aware of or monitoring the issue since they invested $300K to have this done. They said the contractor assured them it was “normal.” As much as I hope the tree survives, this PR move was a waste of everyone’s money; St. Luke’s should have been upfront and honest with the public about the sad, necessary reality to remove the tree for their expansion. Perhaps they could have used the $300K for some other community cause. It’s depressing to see this dying tree.

Mary Reiman, Boise