Letters to the Editor

Parker letter: Saturday market

Patrons of the Saturday market. We love going to the Saturday market; however, there have been more and more people with dogs on a yo-yo leash and people with bicycles trying to make their way through the crowds. The large sandwich signs that say “No dogs allowed” should give you some pause. But, no, this doesn’t apply to your dog. Your dog doesn’t shed hair and dander that floats in the open-air market. Your dog doesn’t lunge at others dogs, causing alarm. I have had my shin hit by a pedal and my legs wrapped with leash. It must go along with your sense of entitlement that rules don’t apply to you. The dogs are hot and thirsty and couldn’t care less about the market. Your bicycles should be parked to the side of the entrance. There are a lot of venues that are not dog friendly, so leave your pet home. They will be glad to see you when you bring home a doggie treat from the bakery.

Dave and Julie Parker, Boise