Letters to the Editor

Krommenhoek letter: Lyle Smith memorial

I attended the memorial service for Lyle Smith. While there were a few tears, it was mostly an upbeat affair for all those who knew and interacted with Lyle over the years. I served with Lyle in the Selective Service Section of the Idaho Army National Guard from 1969 to 1975. There were 10 of us in the section and Lyle was just one of the guys. We met at the federal building in Boise two days a month and occasionally we would leave on a Thursday or Friday in Army cars visiting various Selective Service boards around the state and disposing of old records at the ARCO burn facilities in Idaho Falls. We called each other by either nicknames or last names, except for Lyle, who was either called coach or Lyle. I often wondered if he even knew my first name; he did. He was the typical “good ole boy” that everyone liked being around, and unless you knew him, you did not know he was such an important figure at Boise State and elsewhere. What a good person he was.

Maj. John H. Krommenhoek, retired, Idaho Army NG, Nampa