Letters to the Editor

Pierce letter: Assistance programs

In the early morning hours of July 28, the Senate failed to pass the “skinny repeal” which would have repealed parts of Obamacare. Republican Sens. Collins, Murkowski and McCain joined Democrats in defeating the skinny repeal. This is a great victory for Americans and Idahoans alike. Ordinary people from all over the country stood up and demanded Congress reject this dangerous legislation. In the end, it was our voices that stopped it. It’s sad that Sens. Crapo and Risch voted yes on the dangerous legislation. If the repeal had passed, millions of Americans and thousands of Idahoans would have lost their health insurance so congressional leaders could give tax breaks to the 1 percent. Thankfully, low-income children, people with disabilities and seniors on Medicaid can rest easy. Soon, House and Senate leaders will try to pass a budget that could include fast-track cuts to Medicaid, SNAP and other vital safety net programs, again to pay for tax cuts for the 1 percent. I urge all elected officials, including Crapo, Risch, Labrador and Simpson, to remember the lessons of the last few months. Your constituents will not stand for gutting basic assistance programs that everyday Americans and Idahoans count on.

Dawn Pierce, Boise