Letters to the Editor

Falk letter: Donald Trump

In the letter to the editor July 12, Jason Cooke repeats and repeats that the Statesman publishes lies and lies. Lies upset me also. That’s one of the reasons I dislike and distrust President Trump. Even worse, if he were to say that 2+2 = 5 (alternative facts), more than 30 percent of the Republicans apparently would believe him. Kind of scary, isn’t it.

On July 23, Allen Marsh states that what Christians “only wanted was a return to constitutional government, including the appointment of constitutionalist judges.” Is that why 80 percent of evangelicals voted for Mr. Trump? Mr. Marsh needs to remind himself there are many interpretations of the Bible, as there are also for the Constitution. I have a son and brother who grew up in evangelical homes who are now agnostics. They do not understand how Christians can vote for or be represented by a man who is the antithesis of Christ’s actions and teachings. From a quote published from a Beacon Hill Christian periodical: “Moral authority is based on the quality of a person’s character and faithfulness to their commitments.” Does Mr. Trump, and you voting for him, represent the morals of evangelicals?

Dennis G. Falk, Boise