Letters to the Editor

Bolin letter: Helmet law

I have trouble understanding how the writer of the recent op-ed objecting to requiring motorcycle riders to wear helmets feels that his rights are so terribly infringed upon. What makes him so much more special than the millions of us ordinary people who are required by law to wear seat belts when driving a car? I am not complaining about wearing seat belts. I felt so strongly about the need for safety that when I was 22 years old and my 1950 Mercury had no seat belts, I went out and bought a pair, borrowed my landlord’s electric drill and spent a Saturday afternoon installing them. Nobody has ever ridden in one of my cars without being belted.

My wife, who used to be an emergency operating room nurse, has a different perspective. She recalls with horror the times that she and the doctor were working wrist deep in someone’s brains who had been riding without a helmet. I can’t help but wonder if that writer was afraid that his testosterone boost would be somehow diluted if he had to wear a helmet. Finally, I don’t see anywhere in the Bill of Rights the right to commit suicide.

Al Bolin, Boise