Letters to the Editor

Leibach letter: F-35s

I find it ironic in the extreme the city of Boise has passed an ordinance that restricts “muffler noise” from automobiles and motorcycles in downtown Boise due to “excessive noise from modified mufflers.” However, the city supports bringing 18 to 24 F-35 fighter jets to the Boise Airport. The F-35 is 8 to 16 times louder than current Idaho Air National Guard aircraft.

The ordinance reads, “Disturbing, excessive or offensive motor vehicle noise, smoke, or exhaust interferes with a person’s right to enjoy life and property.” It goes on to state its purpose as promoting “the public health, comfort, and convenience of the City’s inhabitants and its visitors.” Funny, we who oppose bringing F-35s to Boise have used the same language/reasons in our opposition. Why has the city ignored us?

Chipp Leibach, Boise