Letters to the Editor

Watson letter: Mike Simpson

I read a recent report wherein Rep. Mike Simpson blasted President Trump. He arrogantly deemed President Trump a “distraction.” Distraction from what? Is it a distraction from Rep. Simpson’s Progressive agenda? I submit that Rep. Simpson’s agenda should be President Trump’s agenda. That is the agenda that we, the American people voted for.

I would remind Rep. Simpson that he is a public servant; that he was selected by the voters of Idaho to serve us. That is true republicanism. Small “r.” There is a great difference between republicanism and Republicanism. Rep. Simpson should read the “Federalist Papers” to educate himself.

Why doesn’t Rep. Simpson support the president? Be helpful to the president? If he cannot, then he should resign. As it is, his arrogant elitist attitude is not to be tolerated. I suggest that the Republican voters of Idaho fire the representative.

Patrick J. Watson, Emmett