Letters to the Editor

McAndrew letter: F-35 noise

Who should we believe — a woman who has heard the F-35 jet many times — or a mayor and city council who have never heard an F-35? In her letter to the editor of July 23, Peggy Weigand warns the residents of Boise that the F-35 will shatter Boise’s peace and quiet from a distance of several miles. The current line of obfuscation coming from city hall is, “Oh, all these jets sound about the same. The people of Boise won’t even notice a difference.” That is a lie. The Air Force’s own figures show how incredibly loud the F-35 is compared to other jets, and Citizens For A Livable Boise (www.clboise.org) will provide those Air Force figures to anyone who requests them. What will happen to a group of passengers waiting on the tarmac at BOI to claim carry-on bags from Horizon Airline’s courtesy cart when an F-35 takes off a few hundred feet away? Those passengers won’t have any idea that an F-35 is about to create a noise loud enough to damage the delicate ears of children and infants (and adults). Why are our mayor and city council not concerned about this?

Robert McAndrew, Boise