Letters to the Editor

Aronson letter: Mountain Home Music Festival

Regarding the Mountain Home Country Music Festival.

The best concert we had been to in all our years was the Keith Urban concert in Pocatello a couple of years ago. Still to this day, the sounds of Keith working the crowd, entertaining like no other and we get another chance to see this superstar work his magic at the music festival. What a deal, nice drive, weather looked perfect, that’s when the weather took a turn.

They sent us back to our cars to wait out the storm, remember country music festival people, this is Idaho, wait a little bit during a storm and blink — it will be over.

So that’s what we did, we waited to 10:30 until the storm passed, skies opened up and viola, Keith wasn’t due to come on stage until 11 anyway. Nobody too upset, it’s the middle of the desert, right? Michael Deeds surely was counting on it I’m sure. Words cannot describe the loss of such magnitude that was placed by the music festival people.

Kane Brown, Dan and Shay, Billy Currington, we did not buy a ticket to come hear your music, please don’t take it personal, you were the appetizer for dinner. We went home starving.


Mark Aronson, Meridian