Letters to the Editor

Dougherty letter: Mandatory helmet law

Matthew Conde’s July 30 Opinion on Mandatory Helmet Law was so incomplete. He uses 2015 stats, leaving many out. As stated, there was 611 motorcycle involved accidents, 28 were fatalities. For the year, economic impact was $381 million in traffic delays and “lost productivity” (whatever that is). First, $381 million is 10 percent of all Idaho crashes, cars were $1.4 billion, of the $3.8 billion. As for the push for mandatory helmet law, of the 611 motorcycle involved crashes in 2015, 56.8 percent were wearing helmets. I have been riding motorcycles since the ’70s off and on, and regularly since 1991. I do wear a helmet, but also ride in town on short rides without. Mandatory helmet laws will only show a small change, if any. Best example. NASCAR is one of the most safety conscious motor sports in the world. Dale Earnhardt was wearing a helmet, Hans device, strapped into a carbon fiber seat tub, when he hit a wall on an angle, at a lower speed, but died when his brain bounced around in his helmet wearing skull. I recommend wearing helmets, but not a law.

Bruce Dougherty, Mountain Home