Letters to the Editor

Love letter: State Street weeds

Northwest Boise along State Street from Glenwood into the western end of downtown has become “weed central” along sidewalks, center dividers and shoulders. Though this is one of the most frequently used gateways into our beautiful downtown, nobody appears to bother spraying so they come back even worse from one year to the next.

I’m finding 2.5 gallon containers of Roundup concentrate online at $54 per. It might take 2-3 of those and 16-24 man-hours of labor to get a handle on this problem each year, but apparently the city is not interested in allocating perhaps $1,000 toward such an effort. Meanwhile on this stretch, we’ve spent millions on welcome new sidewalks and road improvements.

As a Northwest Boise resident, I’d be happy to spend a penny or so in additional taxes if that’s what it would take to solve the problem. Bet most others who use this stretch often would as well.

Rob Love, Boise