Letters to the Editor

Williams letter: Donald Trump

President Trump is terrorizing this country. An Alaska senator voted her conscience on health care, and as her constituents wanted her to. Then she and her fellow Alaskan senator got phone calls from Interior Secretary Zinke with threats that all the economic and other federal financial support to Alaska would be in jeopardy if she doesn’t toe the Trump line.

My word, people. What is it going to take for his supporters to realize what Trump is doing? He appears to me to be in this position merely to get what he can for himself and his family. He has yet to “keep his promises” about jobs, and the economy, and health care. Thank goodness states fought his attempt to nationalize voter election information, where it would have become much more accessible to (Russian) hackers.

A letter to the editor a few days ago said that saying a lie over and over doesn’t change it from a lie, but I’m not sure Trump knows what the truth is. Mr. Trump ought to pay attention to what voters really want him to do. But that would mean he is actually capable of governing. So sad.

Cathy Williams, Meridian