Letters to the Editor

Haberman letter: F-35s, loud cars

Does everyone see the irony here? The mayor and city council won’t abide noisy cars on our city streets, and at the same time they are rabidly lobbying for the F-35s to be stationed here. These aircraft are at least twice as loud as any we have previously heard. They decry the lack of affordable housing but are perfectly willing to displace hundreds of citizens from their established homes. They tout the livability of Boise but would destroy it. Could they possibly be more hypocritical?

Between the winter inversion and devastating summer fires, what will our environment be like when you add polluting F-35s to the mix?

As to the supposed economic impact, how many companies will be anxious to relocate here once our nest has been fouled with noise and pollution? How many visitors will stay in the new hotels near the airport and how many conventioneers will come here? How many high-end homes will be built to replace older ones on the bench? What’s the fate of affected schools, Hillcrest golf course? Their “study” is flawed or they are being dishonest.

Althea Haberman, Boise