Letters to the Editor

Turner letter: Oil and gas

Regarding the lawsuit between CAIA and the Department of Lands, as a property owner, and as a taxpayer, I would like to know why the Department of Lands seems to have the oil and gas industry’s interest ahead of the citizens of Idaho. Taxpayers pay their salaries, and we depend on them to protect us and our rights, not exploit us. If it’s determined that there is oil and/or gas under my property, and if the oil and gas company says that at least 67 percent of the mineral owners around me want to lease their land, then I have to let them drill. If they don’t have 67 percent after 120 days, then the number goes to only 55 percent. Even if I have not signed a lease, or agreed to let them drill under my property, I could be “forced pooled” against my will. What other industry gets away with that? We need transparency, we need accountability, and we need government employees who remember who they work for.

Lee Turner, Eagle