Letters to the Editor

Nielson letter: Vote for change

To those that dislike our government, and where it is taking us. Remember who elected the people that run the government you dislike. I hear the cry for change, yet see the same old faces returned to Boise and Washington. I hear the cry for term limits, yet again, I see those same old faces returned to Boise and Washington. I believe that “change” would be for voters to elect more independents and third-party representatives. One might call this wrong thinking and that our two-party system is fine. Really? Of all the candidates vying for their party’s nomination to be their choice for president, this past election, they can come up with no better than Trump and Hillary? Lying and finger pointing between those vying for the R nomination? It was less with the D’s only because of the lesser number of candidates vying for that nomination. My question to voters: How long are you going to put up with what is offered by this two-party system? You want change? Then change how you vote.

Keith Nielson, Shelley