Letters to the Editor

Taylor letter: Loss of public lands

Hello Idaho. How many have even noticed the quiet catastrophe that has played out in Idaho? We have over a short period of time lost a significant part of Idaho public land access, not to mention the rest that was bought up by the Wilks brothers and DF Development. A greedy couple of Texas billionaires have locked up a good part of this state. The places you used to hike, bird watch, camp, fish and hunt may no longer be accessible. They don’t talk to the media and aggressively enforce their “no trespassing” policy. I am all for property rights, but this just reeks of heavy handed and selfish. They are denying access on clearly marked USFS roads where the property boundary may be only a few feet from public land. This is a cause that should unite all Idahoans. Whether that be a liberal Boise Democrat or an Owyhee County cowboy. Someone dropped the ball and we just lost a good part of our heritage. Please write our elected officials and let them know how we feel about this.

Ray Taylor, Meridian