Letters to the Editor

Mericle letter: F-35s vs. loud cars

I read with absolute incredulity your report on Boise city’s new law restricting car loudness to 92 dB at a distance of 20 feet. Police officers will be equipped with decibel meters and will fine offenders $100. All this to protect Boise businesses who fear the noise is hurting their business.

What planet are our elected officials living on? 92 dB at 20 feet? What about the 93.5 dB at 5,000 feet that F-35s produce? Or the 93.4 dB level at 10,000 feet when the F-35s engage their afterburners? Compare the few dozen customers who may be bothered by loud cars versus the thousands of residents and their children who will experience a 680 percent increase in hearing loss, a 350 percent increase in speech interruptions, and a 33 percent increase in sleep interruptions if a squadron (18 to 24) of F-35s is stationed at the Boise Airport? (Air Force 2012 F-35 training Basing Environmental Impact Study)

The hypocrisy of the city response between passing a law to protect business but totally ignoring the health and well-being of thousands of residents who are threatened by the F-35 is staggering. But not unexpected where business owns politics and residents are considered collateral damage.

Monty Mericle, Boise