Letters to the Editor

LuMaye letter: Star government

Honestly, I don’t know why we even bother to have elections in Star anymore. I think we should just call Gary Smith and ask him who he wants to be mayor or city councilman and then he in turn will call his boss John Thompkinson and ask him and then we just appoint whoever they say to the position. Gary is so fond of referring to himself as the “voice of the people,” but I would have to ask him, was it not the voice of the people that elected Mayor Bell and Councilman Nielson? I am pretty sure it was. And did we not elect them to do what is best for all of Star and not just the folks in Heron River, or Pinewood Lakes, or any other individual group? I am pretty sure we did. Let’s say they are successful. What are they going to do the next time someone in city government crosses them? Recall them also. It just never ends. In my opinion there are only two things wrong with Star. One is named Gary and the other John.

Raymond LuMaye, Star