Letters to the Editor

Jensen letter: Athlos Academies

Recently, I toured the new Athlos Academies Headquarters in Boise. The Athlos education model is built on a philosophy of curiosity-driven learning where mistakes are part of the process. There is balance between the powerfully connected aspects of mind, body and character. The curriculum is designed to include development of success driving traits such as grit, creativity, integrity, curiosity and perseverance.

I love the Athlos model. I love it because the most significant role of education is to inspire; to ignite the desire to achieve and fuel belief in attainability. This happens naturally when the culture encourages risk-taking, focuses on the whole child and creates joy in the approach.

While all children have an immense capacity to learn and become, none will find their own version of extraordinary in exactly the same way. Successful education opens the eyes of each learner to their own unique, unlimited potential; then motivates, encourages, and teaches them how to reach it.

Idaho has talented and invested educators, yet has been slow to open new doors for that talent to run through. Athlos is one innovative example, but our challenge is to make innovation the norm, not the exception. It’s time we have more conversations.

Candice Jensen, Meridian