Letters to the Editor

Hawkins letter: F-35s vs loud mufflers

Let me see if I can understand the reasoning of the Boise mayor and the city council. They have just passed an ordinance banning loud mufflers on cars for the entire City of Boise because it is disturbing to residents. Boise Police will have sound level meters to monitor the decimals. Now on the other hand, the mayor and city council are fully in favor of the Air Force assigning F-35s to the Idaho Air Guard at Gowen Field. Apparently the numerous residents whose lifestyles and property values will be affected by the horrendous noise when the F-35s take off and land don’t count. Comparing the noise of an F-35 taking off to a loud car muffler is laughable. The loudest car muffler along with all other sound will be drowned out for a mile away when the F-35s take off. So which way is it mayor, you want more noise in Boise or less noise? Or maybe you are not intending to run for office again so you don’t care one way or the other. I am a past member of the Idaho Guard and pro-military, but the F-35s belong at Mountain Home AFB.

Ralph W. Hawkins, Boise