Letters to the Editor

Davis letter: Health care bill

Two women and a dying man. Republicans should be ashamed of their Senate theatrics, trying to pass a health care bill that they knew was a piece of trash. This bill was simply a desperate attempt to pacify the president, to try to get a “Win” for him. The president didn’t even care (or know) what was in the bill. Three Republican senators stood with their backs against the wall to protect the American people.

Two women and a dying man. The two women, Senators Collins and Murkowski, voted to protect their constituents. They had the integrity to do the job they were sent to do. The dying man, John McCain, stood up for all Americans. To paraphrase, he said Enough! This is not the way we govern in America. We don’t concoct bills in secret, then vote on them without debate. We legislate openly. Our allegiance is to the American people, not a party or the whims of the president.

Two women and a dying man. These two women showed us what the Republican Party should stand for. As for John McCain, in the words of an old Tennessee Ernie Ford song, “There stands a big, big man.”

Mary Alice Davis, Garden City