Letters to the Editor

Bennett letter: Not fake news

Jason Cooke’s letter (July 22) attacking the Idaho Statesman for daring to print real news is an example of why dialogue with conservatives is probably impossible.

A recent poll of Trump supporters by Public Policy Polling found willful ignorance among Trump supporters, with 72 percent of Trump voters considering the Russia story to be false even though Donald Jr. admitted he met with Russians to hurt Hillary Clinton. Given conservative support for Russia, one is reminded of the 1964 book “None Dare Call It Treason” which documented the Communist plot to enslave America.

Clearly conservatives only want to hear conservative fake news, the baloney that bounces around endlessly in the rightwing echo chamber. Apparently conservatives prefer to support a man who may have gotten into the White House as a result of hacking by our archenemy Russia than to face facts.

The late Senator Patrick Moynihan said that everyone is entitled to his own opinions, but not his own facts. Sadly, conservatives reverse the logical order of collecting facts before arriving at an opinion by making up “facts” to support preordained opinions.

To paraphrase “Col. Nathan R. Jessup” in the movie “A Few Good Men,” conservatives can’t handle the truth.

Gary L. Bennett, Boise