Letters to the Editor

Tate letter: Hypocrites

The Trumps are not the only hypocrites.

This week’s White House theme seems to be something about keeping jobs in America. That is very nice. However, it seems that Trump and his daughter each have many products they peddle made in other countries. Now, I have no illusion that Trump tells the truth about such things. If he did, why will he not release his tax returns to show us just what an honest, ethical American he is? Now, his daughter is embroiled in controversy about the level of abuse and treatment her foreign laborers suffer to make her stuff.

The Trumps are not alone in this double standard. Our elected Republican legislators are promoting a pathetic health care system that is being shaped minute-by-minute with only one goal: get enough other politicians to vote for it. But, their hypocrisy goes deeper than that. How many of our representatives are currently on the ACA and how many of them are waiting in line to enjoy the wonderful provisions of what they call Trumpcare?

It is time the Republican voters in Idaho ask these questions.

Charles E. Tate, Garden City