Letters to the Editor

Lodal letter: Boy Scout speech

I witnessed the ends of the spectrum of personal character in American politicians recently. On the positive end of that scale stood John McCain as he addressed the U.S. Senate. He appealed to his colleagues to collaborate and honestly communicate in a bipartisan manner to do the work of this nation. He ended with a sincere comment about how much of an honor it has been to serve with these individuals. What a fine gentleman.

On the negative end, we had one of the most shameful public speeches I’ve ever seen when the president addressed the Boy Scouts. He couldn’t help himself in terms of playing the victim. And then he riffed on the lifestyle of a playboy acquaintance who took his female conquests to his personal yacht. This thoughtless motor-mouth fool had indeed found a new low.

This country needs statesmen and stateswomen to bridge our paralyzing partisan gap and I applaud the oratorical efforts by Sen. McCain. After listening to our nitwit commander in chief embarrass himself and the office of the president yet again, my conclusion is that we need to find effective ways to work around this clueless narcissist.

John Lodal, Boise